United for GCISD


United for GCISD is an alliance of community members and organizations dedicated to restoring excellence, independence, and respect in the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District by electing board trustees that align with these core community values.

The Bigger Picture

Learn more about who is really behind the New Board Majority’s Takeover of GCISD and public schools in the United States.

A CNN Documentary about the big, big money aimed at destroying public schools.
Bonus: Houston Chronicle recaps the CNN documentary.
Credit: NBC News
Credit: Texas Monthly

Missed our Panel Discussion?

No worries, we’ve summarized key spots for you about how GCISD policy changes impact college bound students.

GCISD graduates, educators and parent join in discussion on GCISD policy changes impacting the college experience - from admissions to career.

United to Protect GCISD T-Shirts

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Deep Dive: Best Candidates for the 2023 GCISD School Board Election

Pro-GCISD families need to be United for GCISD and support the best candidate that filed in each of the 3 school board races this year: Harris, Sager, and Phoenix.

Deep Dive: GCISD Teacher dissatisfaction and resignations

How GCISD lost its Top 100 Places to Work award in the weeks after New School Board Majority took over

Staffing Tracker updated monthly

Deep Dive: Privatizing public education?

Why is the GCISD Board no longer taking a strong stance to protect public schools?

Deep Dive: Transparency and Truth in GCISD

We’re sorry in advance for how long this is, but here are eight new points to consider. It’s time for the board majority to be transparent about their goals.

Deep Dive: Book Bans in GCISD

District bans ~ 300 books, despite very low parent interest in literary censorship, and cancels book fairs in knee-jerk reaction.

Posted in December | Updated in February

Deep Dive: ‘Open Enrollment’ GCISD Revenue Idea

One creative solution for GCISD revenue to grow excellence and programs of choice in the District, is for students from other districts to apply to study with us.

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GCISD Board Meetings

How to Speak at a Board Meeting | Español

Let’s Unite!

We pledge to tell the truth about the successes in GCISD and get families out to vote, dispel false accusations about our teachers, administrators, and students, and work to elect independent trustees who are running to truly serve the students in GCISD and not outside political forces.

All is not lost, if we unite. That’s where you come in. Join the movement to be UNITED for GCISD.

Texas Bipartisan Alliance is the 501c4 sponsor of United for GCISD.