The College Impact: Panel Discussion Another Reason Our Students Need Us To Elect Harris, Phoenix & Sager

GCISD graduates, educators and parent join in discussion on GCISD policy changes impacting the college experience - from admissions to career.


Changes to GCISD school policies include limiting access to upper-level reading, restricting materials for college-level AP courses, limiting discussion around current events. Combine that with the increase in teacher resignations, and our students are facing new challenges in being college ready, and worse…possibly being labeled with a new not-so-flattering district reputation.

6 Panelists, 1.5 Hours All About GCISD Reputation + College Experience

You’ll find the entire 1.5 hour panel here, or skip down to scan some of the highlights.

We even got a few tips from the graduates for students to look to fill in the gaps for themselves.

Students can explore courses via Harvard’s edX catalog of FREE courses. A great way to prep yourself, or audit a topic to see if it’s an area you want to pursue.

The event was co-hosted by Protect GCISD and United for GCISD.

Teachers ARE Afraid, Amanda Guthrie confirms parent fears

Amanda Guthrie, former Department Learning Leader for the ASPIRE Academy and AP History teacher, shared her personal experience from Fall 2022 that drove her to resign.

Ms. Guthrie mentions Colle Board AP for All, here’s one article on the topic.

Going ‘Back to Basics’ is insulting and selfish

We also heard from two GCISD graduates who offered the poignant comments for listeners.

Vivek Tanna, Stanford graduate, pointed out how insulted he would be as a student to have adults decide our students can’t handle more than the four basic subjects. Seattle Hickey, currently studying Womens’ Studies at Harvard, gave us another perspective to consider. Adults are being selfish to take the opportunities away from students to develop critical thinking skills and be able to learn how to manage through difficult discussions in a safe space.

Back to Basics is NOT What the World Wants Anymore

Study shows employers are prioritizing these three skills in the hiring process:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Analytics and critical thinking skills
  3. And ability to work in a diverse team

Standing Out in College Applications, Despite a Tainted GCISD District Reputation

Keeping Up With the Conversation in College

Tips for Students to Prepare Themselves

  • Build Your Resilience, give yourself time to be a kid, and find ways to pace yourself.
  • Recognizing not all discussions are up for debate, not always a perspective, both in a person’s lived reality, as well as when we look at parts of history.