Call to Action: Speak at Keller ISD Monday, Nov. 14, against a proposal to arm teachers and ban books

Keller ISD: The extremist agenda is continuing in Keller with two dangerous policies being considered by the KISD board.

Visit Keller ISD Families Supporting Public Education on Facebook for more information.

Here is an excerpt from their post from November 12, 2022:

Keller ISD Community, we come to you as a group of parents and educators in the community deeply concerned about items on the upcoming school board meeting agenda. The meeting is this Monday, November 14th.

We need the community to show up to the meeting on Monday evening. The meeting starts at 6 pm in the Administration Building (Rock Building). If you’d like to speak, you need to show up no later than 5:45. We expect there to be a very large turnout.

Dallas Morning News cuts GCISD from Top 100 places to work; GCISD was 1 of only 2 schools listed every year since 2018

After earning a spot for four years in a row, GCISD did NOT get awarded a place in the Dallas Morning News Top 100 Places to Work this year. The award is based entirely on feedback from employees, which makes the loss even more devastating. The divisive climate, attacks on teachers and librarians, disregard of student, parent, and teacher voice, and consolidation of jobs following elimination of key positions is taking its toll. And now the metrics are beginning to follow.

Anti-public school candidates target Round Rock ISD school board

In some parts of Texas, school board elections are running alongside the mid-terms. Many are at risk of being flipped by anti-public school candidates as we saw in Keller, Southlake, Mansfield, and Grapevine Colleyville. Make sure you reach out to friends in those areas so they are not surprised to see those races on the ballot! Here is just one example (read below or click to read on Facebook):

Inside the Secret Plan to Bring Private School Vouchers to Texas

INSIDE THE SECRET PLAN TO BRING PRIVATE SCHOOL VOUCHERS TO TEXAS: Political operatives descended on the Hill Country town of Wimberley with a scheme to send taxpayer dollars to private schools. Now they’re shopping the same blueprint elsewhere.


The same players involved in Wimberley are actively involved in GCISD:

1. AARON HARRIS ($15,000 donor to Casey Ford’s election PAC)

2. MONTY BENNETT (Dallas Express owner/publisher, and donor to Tammy Nakamura)

3. KALESE WHITEHURST(met with Mayor Newton and presented the plan for a Responsive Ed charter campus in Colleyville)

Seems like those sounding the alarm on the plan to destroy GCISD and bring in charter schools have been right to be worried.


From the Article:

“In a document obtained by Texas Monthly, stamped “Confidential” and dated May 3 … a Republican political operative and a politically connected charter-school executive laid out an explosive proposal for [Wimberley] ISD. Apparently, the plan had been in the works for months and had been vetted by the outgoing superintendent. … One of the authors of the plan was Aaron Harris, a Fort Worth–based GOP consultant who has made a name for himself by stoking—with scant evidence—fears of widespread voter fraud. In June, he cofounded a nonprofit called Texans for Education Rights Institute, along with Monty Bennett, a wealthy Dallas hotelier who dabbles in what he regards as education reform. The other author was Kalese Whitehurst, an executive with the charter school chain Responsive Education Solutions, based in Lewisville, a half hour north of Dallas.” Read more