Publisher’s Weekly 2022 People of the Year: The Defenders

“We recognize the librarians, booksellers, authors, publishers, and allies standing tall in the face of an unprecedented attack on the freedom to read.

“There has been no shortage of extraordinary stories from the book world in 2022. But no story this year has been more extraordinary than the ongoing, unprecedented surge in book bans and censorship efforts being pushed by right-wing groups in communities across the nation.”

ACLU Fact Sheet on the proposed policies for Keller ISD

“The policy is not in any way required by Texas law and in fact
violates the Constitution and federal law.”

“The proposed policy is scientifically unsound and is based on a
misunderstanding of Texas law.”

“The proposed policy stigmatizes transgender and non-binary

“The proposed policy violates the First Amendment and will
restrict students’ right to learn about ideas — especially ideas
about transgender and non-binary identities.”

Call to Action: Speak at Keller ISD Monday, Nov. 14, against a proposal to arm teachers and ban books

Keller ISD: The extremist agenda is continuing in Keller with two dangerous policies being considered by the KISD board.

Visit Keller ISD Families Supporting Public Education on Facebook for more information.

Here is an excerpt from their post from November 12, 2022:

Keller ISD Community, we come to you as a group of parents and educators in the community deeply concerned about items on the upcoming school board meeting agenda. The meeting is this Monday, November 14th.

We need the community to show up to the meeting on Monday evening. The meeting starts at 6 pm in the Administration Building (Rock Building). If you’d like to speak, you need to show up no later than 5:45. We expect there to be a very large turnout.