ACLU Fact Sheet on the proposed policies for Keller ISD

“The policy is not in any way required by Texas law and in fact
violates the Constitution and federal law.”

“The proposed policy is scientifically unsound and is based on a
misunderstanding of Texas law.”

“The proposed policy stigmatizes transgender and non-binary

“The proposed policy violates the First Amendment and will
restrict students’ right to learn about ideas — especially ideas
about transgender and non-binary identities.”

Anti-public school candidates target Round Rock ISD school board

In some parts of Texas, school board elections are running alongside the mid-terms. Many are at risk of being flipped by anti-public school candidates as we saw in Keller, Southlake, Mansfield, and Grapevine Colleyville. Make sure you reach out to friends in those areas so they are not surprised to see those races on the ballot! Here is just one example (read below or click to read on Facebook):