Inside the Secret Plan to Bring Private School Vouchers to Texas

INSIDE THE SECRET PLAN TO BRING PRIVATE SCHOOL VOUCHERS TO TEXAS: Political operatives descended on the Hill Country town of Wimberley with a scheme to send taxpayer dollars to private schools. Now they’re shopping the same blueprint elsewhere.


The same players involved in Wimberley are actively involved in GCISD:

1. AARON HARRIS ($15,000 donor to Casey Ford’s election PAC)

2. MONTY BENNETT (Dallas Express owner/publisher, and donor to Tammy Nakamura)

3. KALESE WHITEHURST(met with Mayor Newton and presented the plan for a Responsive Ed charter campus in Colleyville)

Seems like those sounding the alarm on the plan to destroy GCISD and bring in charter schools have been right to be worried.


From the Article:

“In a document obtained by Texas Monthly, stamped “Confidential” and dated May 3 … a Republican political operative and a politically connected charter-school executive laid out an explosive proposal for [Wimberley] ISD. Apparently, the plan had been in the works for months and had been vetted by the outgoing superintendent. … One of the authors of the plan was Aaron Harris, a Fort Worth–based GOP consultant who has made a name for himself by stoking—with scant evidence—fears of widespread voter fraud. In June, he cofounded a nonprofit called Texans for Education Rights Institute, along with Monty Bennett, a wealthy Dallas hotelier who dabbles in what he regards as education reform. The other author was Kalese Whitehurst, an executive with the charter school chain Responsive Education Solutions, based in Lewisville, a half hour north of Dallas.” Read more

More Outside Influence in GCISD: Consider The Source

Before you get too far into dissecting the inaccuracies included in the Op-Ed that Shannon Braun “wrote,” make sure you consider the source: Dallas Express – a news publication owned by Monty J. Bennett (yes … that same Monty Bennett).

1. Monty Bennett donated $5,000.00 in April 2022 to get Tammy Nakamura elected to the GCISD board of trustees.

2. In June 2022, Monty Bennet, Chris Putnam and Aaron Harris formed Texans for Education Rights Institute.

3. In October 2020, Aaron Harris donated $15,000 to a PAC supporting Casey Ford.

Why do we continue to find evidence that the new GCISD board majority are being influenced and controlled by individuals outside our district who have no real interest in improving GCISD?

But, rather, are cavorting with individuals who consistently push to destroy public schools in order to make way for school vouchers and charter schools?

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